Risk Management.

It is common to conduct risk management around project activities, but many sites neglect to constantly review the risks of their operations, and in particular the effectiveness of their alarms, backups, disaster recovery capabilities and documentation.

We bring a fresh set of eyes to your site to challenge the assumptions about how the site's readiness to respond to a sustained power outage, a fire that destroys the controlroom, access to the correct backups after hours, and the effectiveness of process alarm systems in the event of a catastrophic failure that requires unambiguous alarm indications to reduce lost response time.

Alarm Management

Alarms are intended to alert an operator to action required, not  that some process variable has again exceeded some threshold.
The consequence of nuisance alarms is the 'cry wolf' effect - all alarms receive diminished attention, leaving critical alerts at risk of being ignored.
Our Alarm Audit and Classification service covers the following areas:
  • Review of alarm system design in respect of the EEMUA 191 Standard.
  • Categorisation of alarms and warnings.
  • Identification of Critical Alarms, and testing to validate their operability when required.
The end result is a confidence that alarm systems will provide the necessary workplace safety for employees, and protection of equipment from dangerous excursions of temperature, pressure, current and chemical properties.

Network Health Check

Maintenance schedules for moving parts are common, and for good reason. They get hot and noisy if neglected, and can fail in a spectacular fashion.
Communication networks too deserve a periodic check-up, given the crucial role they play in production, and the relative difficulty in fault-finding once a failure occurs.
Our Network Health Check service covers all networks; including open networks such as DeviceNet, ControlNet, and Ethernet, as well as proprietary multi-drop networks such as Modbus, and point to point serial connections. Our testing is designed to identify the following network performance concerns:
  • Excessive transmission errors
  • Bandwidth Limitations
  • Network latency
  • Vulnerability to single points of failure.
These issues may be the result of EMI or RFI, cable damage, poor connections, network design or network equipment configuration.
We provide a network report, noting identified weaknesses and recommended courses of action to bring the network to a state that it will perform reliably in support of your production requirements.

PLC Disaster Recovery

Let us ensure your capability to effect a quick turnaround in the event of a failure with our ‘Integrated Insurance’ service.
  • One-off or periodic backup of PLCs, SCADA, HMI. Stored off-site in two locations in perpetuity.
    (You’d be amazed how many calls we get asking for our last project backups!)
  • PLC battery replacement
  • PLC store to EEPROM (where fitted, or supplied as option)
  • Supply 3A Surge Filter to protect mission critical equipment.
  • Supply of Cortec corrosion inhibitor for each PLC cabinet.
Further, we can offer fast-recovery options based on Virtualisation that are already well-proven in the corporate world. Call us to discuss our 'High Reliability Computing' services today.

Post Implementation Audits

How often do you belatedly find that... 

  • project drawings were not updated to 'as-built' status?
  • you can't find (or weren't provided with) the commissioned software?
  • software or documents are password protected, improperly locking you out from work you paid for?
  • software was not documented adequately?

Let us "run the ruler" over your projects before you make the final payment to your contractors to ensure they have provided all the required deliverables to the required standard. Don't find out too late that you do not have vital information to which you are entitled.

Been burnt before? Let us help prepare your tender documents to protect your interests.

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