SCADA Systems

Many companies already have systems that can be enhanced to provide data for energy efficiency initiatives. SCADA systems can often be used to gather the data required to improve energy use. The most important role of a SCADA system is to automate the access to real-time information while providing visibility to authorized users. The SCADA systems offer data access and connectivity to remote terminal units (RTU) stations over a wireless, telephone, or network connection to collect data from a heterogeneous set of meters and control systems. 

Scada Systems

SCADA systems can be a cost effective, integrated, and scalable component for monitoring energy usage onsite and providing information that enables organizations to make informed decisions in regards to energy consumption.

Through remote connectivity and control, a SCADA system can provide an integrated view of energy consumption data from equipment such as pumps, conveyors, fans, compressors, boilers, cogenerators, combined heat and power systems, and furnaces.