Engineering Services

Doesn't matter on what part of your Energy management journey you are we can help:

Energy Audits:
Want to develop your baseline and identify energy efficiency opportunities across your site, we will assess your main energy sources (steam, compressed air, gas, electricity, water, coal, etc) and major consumption processes  and even look at your waste as potential sources of energy to provide you with quality opportunities to reduce your energy use.

Feasibility Studies:
Do you already know of potential opportunities and want a detail investigation for an specific project like for example increasing the control over your refrigeration system, let us do the analysis build the models and provide you with accurate information so you can decide whether or not the return on investment is the right one.

Turnkey Solutions:
You already have an efficiency project on mind and are looking for an engineering firm to implement the solution, we can provide you with the equipment and do the engineering and commissioning as well as manage the installation. This is our key differentiator, we pride ourselves of our controls system and integration experience, we will deliver you a complete project not just a report.