Demand Side Management

Enresco can provide you with a solution to reduce your maximum demand charges, participate in demand side programs or complement your energy procurement strategy.

Maximum Demand Control is important because monthly electricity costs are based on the highest peak occurring in the previous 12 months. The user will obtain the lowest electric cost by operating as close to a constant load as possible and the key to it is to even out the peaks and valleys of energy consumption.

Demand Side Management

Demand Side Participation refers to the ability of electricity demand to respond to variations in electricity prices in the spot market and how customer participation supports the deferral or avoidance of network augmentation costs to utilities. It can be achieved through facility load reductions or the use of on-site generation. Large customers that can reduce their demand with prior notification are encouraged to do so, in return for both availability and dispatch payments.

Demand side management project - Steel manufacturer:

Developed a load control system to manage energy consumption in order to minimize operational costs. The system monitors and displays spot market forecasted next trading period price (half-hour) and 5-minute pre-dispatch prices, monitor and display actual power usage at each of the main production areas within the  site and provides a mechanism for warning and then load shedding each of the production areas if predetermined energy prices are exceeded.