Free CitectSCADA Health Check

01-Jul-2010 Order the renewal of your Citect SCADA support with us and receive a free SCADA system health check.

SCADA systems can benefit from maintenance too! With minimal (or none if necessary) interruption to your operators, we conduct an audit of the SCADA server(s) and network and provide a report that includes the following considerations:
  • System Alarms
  • Network Errors
  • Version and Service Pack Status
  • Redundancy
  • Backup and Recovery Status
  • Headroom for growth in data storage and network requirements
  • State of Repair of Hardware
Not using CitectSCADA? We can perform a system health on virtually any SCADA system.
Out of support? We can arrange a one-off upgrade, or to renew your Citect support.
Call our office on 1300 INT AUT (1300 428 288) to discuss your renewal or other requirements.